Build fitness gets a new Gym Sign

Build fitness gets a new Gym Sign

We were contacted by Build functional fitness a gym to enhance their new Gym space after a takeover and wanted a fresh rebrand of their outdoor and indoor signs. 

After emailing back and forth Build Gym decided to purchase an external Printed board panel for the outside cladding they had and also a large internal 3D lettering on stand off mounts and also a couple of wall logos printed to bring to life and brand stamp their gym. 

Aside these new additions, they also wanted to elevate their gym further by adding more subtle branding touches throughout so we offered them some custom made toilet door signs and also a custom built Neon sign in yellow wthat says welcome to their fitness customers. 

Benefits of Gym Fitness Signs: 

  • 1. Tell your customers where you are! Location is important
  • 2. Emphasise your brand colours 
  • 3. Promote who you are and what your about
  • 4. Build reputation with your aesthetic
  • 5. Not only about showing your name but directing customers and also by adding some neons making the space comfortable

Weve added the product listings below and we thing it looks fantastic, well done guys great to see businesses evolving! 

External Sign-

Toilet Door Sign 

Internal signs - 



If you are looking for new gym signs or displays then next Level has you covered. our signs are lightweight unlike the weights you see in a gym but they are built to last. Contact us at to discuss your custom order or buy online 

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