How do I create a Stunning Business Logo Sign? a acrylic sign with a warm white halo led illumination reflecting off a white background

How do I create a Stunning Business Logo Sign?

How do I create a Stunning Business Logo Sign?: A Step-by-Step Guide

in this step by step guide into creating a business logo fit for a queen we will exlore options and styles you can choose from when it comes to adding that wow factor to your sign. 

Step 1: Define Your Brand Identity

Ask youself- what do you want your sign to look like? Have you seen any images of any signs that you want to replicate. Once you have a bit more understanding of what you can have then start to think about your own. What colours is in your logo, do you have a icon or motif. Do you have a tag line or a motto do youwant to incorporate into this logo sign? 

And the most important questionsare: How much do they cost and do you want it ti light up or not!

Step 2: Choose the Right Material

Signs come in various materials such asd Aluminium composite printed sign boards. These are great for outdoor signs and displays. Foamex is a lightweight low cost material suitable for indoor signs and short term promotional uses. Acrylic sign are a versitile all rounder. They come in different colours, thickensses and styles. Acrylic signs can create a "feel" or a professional aesthetic look. 

Step 3: Create or Refine Your Logo Design

if you have your logo perfect! We always ask for logos to be a vector format. If youve designed your own on Canva or other platform websites we may need to alter this or enahce it further in order to make your signcome to life. Furthermore having a correct file type such as AI ( illustrator) EPS will give you the best results. these file types means they can be scaled to any size and dont lose resolution if any printing occurs. 

Step 4: Determine the Size and Placement

Bigger isnt always better!  

We always recommend measureing and not guessing and always advise not to go too big as you want to easily hadle the sign but also allow for spacing either sides and top and bottom to give the best results. Also printed vinyls need allowances for adjusting to hot and cold temperatures also so allow for some shrinkage etc. 

Step 5: Customize Your Sign

ordering a custom sign is easy. Each of our products have either a preset personalisation box where you can type in what you want made, or we offer a "upload artwork" file button to other products too which allows you to send us file trasnfers direct. 

Step 6: Order Your Logo Sign

Once you've finalized your logo design and customized your sign to your liking, it's time to place your order. Visit Next Level Display's product page to select your preferred options. Upload your logo file during the ordering process, and the team at Next Level Display will ensure that your logo sign is produced to the highest standards.

Step 7: Installation

When your logo sign arrives, follow the provided installation instructions to secure it in your chosen location. The majority of our signs comes with either templates for placements or installation guides. Items such as 3D acrylic contour cut lettering signs come with a fixed template that you attach to your wall to make it easy for each letter to be perfectly placed. 


Creating a business logo sign is an exciting opportunity to elevate your brand's presence. With the elegant and customizable options offered by Next Level Display's "Acrylic Logo Business Sign with Illuminated Halo Light," you can showcase your brand identity in a stunning and memorable way. Start your logo sign project today and watch as your business stands out from the crowd

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