Illuminate your space with our captivating Neon Signs Collection. Elevate your home or business with vibrant, cool neon creations that effortlessly blend artistry and innovation. Our affordable selection boasts unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring each sign has the wow factor. Transform any space into a vibrant showcase of individuality. Explore the brilliance of Neon Signs for sale – where creativity meets illumination.

Custom Neon Information

Product Description

  • A Clear Acrylic backboard with 6mm thick LED neon lights applied to the face.
  • Clear connecting cable which connects to a Power supply plug.
  • Installation Guide
  • You have colour choice, mounting choice and power connection choice in the above custom editor.

We can create your new custom neon sign ranging from 40cm to 200cm  However we can produce larger sizes ranging up to 10 metres which will be received in multiple parts. Please note that due to limitations on shipping and acrylic size all orders from 120cm to 300cm will be delivered in 2 sections- we will send you a visual proof showing where the sections will be as more than 1 power supply will need to be required.

Sizes are approximate. Width may vary by +/- 2cm and Height may vary by +/- 5cm. The Chosen Size includes the Acrylic Backboard not the actual Leds due to the design.

The colours shown below are a visual guide only and colour differences may vary in person when comparing to on monitor or a screen

Delivery Information

All of our signs our handmade in the UK- Our standard processing times for orders are 4-7 business working days and if you require a visual mockup of your final design then this time will take a little longer as we need to wait for your approval.

Wanting a different colour per line or letter?

If you would like your sign to have more than one colour in a line or different colour single letters, please email us at or drop us message with the chat box in the bottom right of the screen, or DM us on social!

We can talk you through the whole process step by step and send you a email order form with your design.

neon led colour swatch showing all colours

Neon Signs

Illuminate your space with our captivating Neon Signs Collection. Elevate your home...