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Grey house Sign

Grey house Sign

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Grey house Sign

Modern House Sign - Timeless Elegance in Matte Grey with a choice of colour accents 

Add a touch of sophistication to your home with our European-style house sign. Crafted from matte Grey acrylic with mirror Copper, Gold or Silver accents. Personalise it with your House Name and Number to make it uniquely yours.

Elevate your curb appeal with this Grey house Sign thats weather-resistant and durable. Indulge in the allure of European elegance and showcase your taste with this exquisite personalized house sign

Product Specifications- 

  • Made with a mix of Acrylic and an aluminum backing plate with a choice of mirror Gold/ Silver or Copper details and machine cut to expose the mirror accents. 
  • For your face Acrylic we offer matte Black or Matte Slate Grey.
  • Fixings create a floating effect with your house sign so this stands proud from your wall by 25mm with these wall mounts
  • The Grey house Sign Comes with a full instruction guide and fixings
  • Size is 270mm x 150mm
  • Personalise this by adding in the door number which will be displayed single digits horizontally and and street name  vertically- this will all be centralized and we will scale the number of your order either larger or smaller due to how many digits it has ie: 3 will appear larger whilst 1054 will appear smaller. 
  • All of our items are handmade and made to order in as little as 2-4 days. 
  • order your Grey house Sign today for worldwide delivery
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