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House number - Address Plaque

House number - Address Plaque

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Introducing the Premium House number - Address Plaque—a sleek and practical solution that seamlessly integrates your house number with a modern look. 

Key Features:

Customizable Design: Personalize your Door Number Sign with your new door number. The professionally crafted design ensures clear and easy identification, whether on one or two lines depending on the overall size.

High-Quality Materials: Suitable for both external and internal use, the sign is crafted from a durable mix of Aluminium composite back and cut 3D lettering applied to the face to create a 3D effect. Mount it on various surfaces to suit your preference.

Easy Installation: The sign includes all necessary hardware and instructions for quick, hassle-free installation. Attach it to your chosen location, and watch as it provides a clear and visible display of your door number.

Enhanced Home Security: Prominently displaying your door number improves home security by aiding visitors to locate your home easily.

Sleek and Timeless Design: The coloured plaque with clear lettering offers a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, complementing any style of home. It adds a touch of visual appeal to your entrance.

Product Details:

  1. Size: 270mm x 150mm
  2. Colour choice: Black back plate with a choice of Brushed Gold or Brushed Silver Numbers / Letters
  3. Choice of vertical or Horizontal placement


Secure your home with style. Buy online your new House number - Address Plaque today. 

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