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Hands of god neon sign

Hands of god neon sign

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Hands of god neon sign

Introducing our Stunning LED Neon Sign: Michaelangelo's "Hands of God"

Bring a touch of artistic beauty and inspiration into your space with our LED Neon Sign featuring Michaelangelo's renowned "Hands of God" artwork. This captivating sign captures the essence of the iconic masterpiece, infusing it with vibrant LED lighting for a modern and mesmerizing display.

Key Features:

 Iconic "Hands of God" Design: Our LED neon sign beautifully depicts Michaelangelo's "Hands of God" artwork, showcasing the divine connection between man and the divine. The intricate details and symbolism of the original masterpiece are faithfully reproduced, creating a visually striking and thought-provoking piece. 

Key Features:

  1.  Handmade in the UK 
  2.  Customizable size, quantity
  3. Optional dimmer switch available


  •  Clear acrylic material
  •  Optional dimmer switch and chrome fixings can be bought separate
  •  Made to order with custom design options
  •  Neon LED width: 6mm 
  •  Fast production time (as little as 3-5 working days)
  •  Easy installation with included power adaptor and cable
  •  Indoor use only

Elevate your space with our Micchaelangelos sign, handcrafted for a cool and relaxed ambiance. Choose your options and enjoy the vibrant glow it brings to any setting.

  • Comes with a choice of 4 Power supplies UK/ AU/ US /EU plug alongside a 2m clear cable which connects to the power supply all you need to do is plug in and connect the wires together

Make a bold and eco-friendly statement. 

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