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Whey Aye Man Neon Sign - Geordie Humour in Illuminating Glory

Whey Aye Man Neon Sign - Geordie Humour in Illuminating Glory

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Whey Aye Man" Neon Sign - Geordie Humor in Illuminating Glory

Hey there, bonny lads and lasses! Get ready to add some proper Geordie banter to your life with our "Whey Aye Man" Neon Sign! This cheeky and charming creation is straight from the heart of Newcastle, bringing the wit and warmth of Geordie humor to light up your space.

When you hang this neon sign on your wall, you'll have folks saying, "Howay, man! That's a belter!" With its illuminating glow and iconic Geordie saying, it's bound to make everyone smile and chuckle, no matter if they're from Byker or beyond!

The "Whey Aye Man" Neon Sign is a mint gift for your Geordie pals or anyone who loves the toon culture. Picture it gracing your living room, kitchen, or even your lassie's boudoir! It's like having the Angel of the North right in your humble abode, lighting up your world with Geordie charm.

So, divvent dilly-dally, pet! Grab this neon sign and celebrate the Geordie spirit in all its glory. "Whey Aye Man!" It's a canny piece of art that'll gan radge on your walls, and you'll be thinking, "How did we ever manage without it?" Grab one now and let the Geordie laughs shine bright!

Whey aye man

Product Specifications:

  •  Clear Acrylic, comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy application
  • "WHEY AYE MAN" in neon Ice blue lights with a cool white outline
  • Available in various sizes to suit your space
  • Choose your Power Supply source from 4 plugs
  • Comes with a 2m clear cable and 12v power plug. 
  • Handmade to order in as little as 3-5 working days
  • Why not purchase our stand-off mounts to add a sleek look to your new sign
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